Achieving Success Together -
 Dear All, 
 I would like to take this opportunity to fully express the magic of Miss Bonnington (Miss Bee)! The Mary Poppins of tutoring.  Miss Bee within one and a half years changed my daughter’s life forever! 

 Our daughter Lucy received a statement at school due to her learning disabilities from the age of 8. However although she was gradually improving in her reading, writing & maths skills it was at a very slow pace. 

 We were highly recommended Miss Bee by several friends in the village, how blessed were we!

 Miss Bee basically stripped Lucy back to the beginning. Teaching her the basics of the alphabet & good old English joined handwriting, not realising at the beginning what impact this would have, Lucy through writing properly can visually remember how to spell.

 Likewise with maths Miss Bee took Lucy back to the beginning. Miss Bee was able to discover which calculating method worked best for Lucy so her memory remembered what to do when given different calculations. 
 We as parents & Lucy as our daughter feel so honoured to have had the opportunity for Miss Bee to work with us and literally see not only Lucy’s grades improve significantly, reaching a level 5 in English & level 4 in maths in Year 6, but Lucy’s confidence & self worth “I can do it” shine out in class & at home.

 One word of advice Miss Bee not only came in term time but also throughout all school holidays. We, as a family, feel this is essential for continuity & for Miss Bee to work her wonders!

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