Achieving Success Together -
"Melanie has been tutoring our oldest daughter for almost two years. She is now nearly 5 and is a confident reader and writer. She is one of the youngest in her class, but is well ahead of the other children. Melanie has been very good with our daughter, and when her concentration has waived Melanie always manages to get her back to work by keeping it exciting and fun. Our youngest daughter, just 3, also has Melanie tutoring her. She loves it; she doesn't have as long as her sister but enjoys Melanie coming. Both of my daughters have learned so much from Melanie and as a result they are both well prepared and eager to learn. Some may think that 3/4 is too young to have a tutor; however I believe that it is never too young to inspire a love of learning. I would fully recommend Melanie to anyone wanting to help their child or to give them a head start in their education."
Very satisfied parent, Louise
"Melanie has been tutoring Lily, our four year old daughter, for the past 12 months. Lily was the youngest in her class with her birthday in late August and her grandad had been very poorly resulting in us not having much time to prepare Lily for school. We were worried about her being at a disadvantage, both with her age and the fact that she was getting so tired at school, frequently poorly and finding it a real struggle.
Lily absolutely loves her Saturday afternoon sessions with Melanie. They are fun and innovative with Melanie using all sorts of creative ways to keep Lily focused and interested in learning. In a really short space of time we noticed such a change in Lily's abilities. Her improvements in reading, writing and pencil control are dramatic, she has so much more confidence at school and has caught up with the rest of the class.
Melanie is so flexible coming out to the house on weekends and school holidays, all in all she is a lovely, caring and intelligent lady who has endless patience and a real talent for relating to children.
We are so delighted with Melanie's success with Lily that we will be asking her to help with Lily's musical development and it is reassuring to know she can help all the way up to GCSE, should Lily need any extra support.
I cannot recommend her highly enough - she has been an absolute godsend to us!"
Miss B started working with our daughter when she was in Year 5. She had very little confidence in maths and although she could do some maths work, she struggled with her Times Tables. However by the time she left Primary School she was able to do her Times Tables and other maths with confidence, managing to achieve a level 4b, which we were pleased about. Now she is in Year 8 at school, with her hard work and Miss B's continuous support and guidance, her last report said she is working at a level 6c which we are very pleased about. This is all due to the confidence Miss B instills in her with her maths and the help she gives her. We are so pleased to have had Miss B recommended to us, we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone whose child struggles with education."
Sarah, a very satisfied parent

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